Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We’re one computer short of two computers right now. So I’m left to iPhone posts.

Plus, I’m just not blogivated as of late. I probably have blog affective disorder.

Plus, plus I’m knee deep in Scandal most nites. The show not the thing. Please. I cross stitch while I watch. Quite possibly the least scandalous thing. Ever.

Maxine shares my motivation issues. Well, at least she certainly wasn’t motivated to come the eff inside tonite. I watched from the slightly less frigid confines of the garage as she frolicked about the yard.

Until she tried to elope with Lemon (the cat). That momivated me to retrieve her and madivated her. I’m fairly certain she would have happily followed the cat to where the hell ever the cat goes.

I bought back her affections with pancakes for dinner.


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