Monday, October 28, 2013

LA. We spent minimal amounts of time doing quintessential tourist LA, but we did hit Mann’s and Griffith Observatory.

Travel changes with a kid in tow. Not that the time change wouldn’t have affected us that first day, but you simply can’t explain that we flew three hours back in time to a toddler. So, the first nite, we went to bed at 7pm. And spent more time in parks and on playgrounds than all vacations combined before.

Travel also changes when it’s football season with Job in tow. We arrived on Saturday and LOTS of consideration was given to where/how the game would be observed. We ended up meeting a friend of mine from high school in his hood. Manhattan beach is alright with me. Like a Broad Ripple (Hoosiers!) or a Manayunk (Philly!) on the ocean. 

Other sightseeing included Abbot Kinney street (so $$$$), Venice Beach (gets it’s own post of pics, because, whoa), the LA Farmers Market (houses the Grove mall and sometimes Mario Lopez and always Nutella crepes), the Ennis House, Olvera Street, and more. For the next catch up post. 

Actually, we kinda did a lot in four days. No wonder we went to bed so early. Though Maxine and I shared a bed the entire trip so “went to bed” and “slept” were sadly worlds apart. What the hell is wrong with toddler sleep? Circles. Full god damn circles. At least two rotations a nite. I finally figured out to flip myself after she was down - to sleep with my head at the feet end. Finally being the 2nd to last nite. Full hmpfh.

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