Sunday, October 27, 2013

I have some serious blog catching up to do. I can’t even recall the last “No, this is totally my favorite age..” post. I’m certain I’ve missed as least three of my top 22 favorites. 

We’ve settled in to the new house. Which I am comfortable saying with like a 95% unpack rate. It’s funny. We have so much shit yet we have rooms that aren’t furnished. Which only means we have to get more stuff. Which only only really means we can never move again. 

We vacationed and I traveled for business way too much. Business too much. Not vacation too much. I intend to do a couple of Cali trip re-caps straight outta the gate. 

This blog has always been my avenue for baby booking. I’m not much on the actual baby books so this is my account for Maxine of the way we were. And I’ve got some catching up to do.

This was the beginning of our trip to California. Destinations LA and San Diego. We went for a wedding in SD but extended the trip because if you’re gonna fly all the damn way to California with a 22-month old, you’d better make it worth it.

Spoiler alert: She was a champ on the plane. We received compliments  from other travelers. Now, she flew in lap (two more months of free flying!) which is pretty rough even with the coolest kid on the block. But she handled it like a pro. Little bit of seat kicking but otherwise she played, watched videos, slept, and pointed out other airplanes. While at the gate and she was emphatically pointing/shouting plane out the window, we tried to get her littler brain around the fact that we too were IN A PLANE. I think she got it. Though it didn’t diminish her enthusiasm for pointing out other planes.

And her cool nature continued once we arrived in Cali. Honestly, with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and ray of light personality, California really suited my gal.

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