Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I made tortellini with tomato sauce for dinner last nite. It was just the ladies as Job was away on business.

I look for easy meals to make throughout the week. (Well, really always.) I typically sauté some onions, dice in some fresh tomatoes, and add a dash of brown sugar to store bought pasta sauce. (Hey, at least it’s Whole Foods.)

The pasta sauce was tangy. Almost acidic. And thin. I just added more sugar to make it palatable.

Welp. 17-hrs later, when I opened the fridge to make my lunch today and noticed that half-jar of pasta sauce was still there, I realized I’d served us tortellini and salsa for dinner. Well, tortellini and salsa with sautéed onions, fresh tomatoes, and brown sugar.

M didn’t seem to mind. Good thing since she took the leftovers for lunch today.

Pregnant mom, wife, chef totally pulling everything off: Nailed it.

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