Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I’ve decided to spend my NYE organizing photos from 2013. I realized two things. We need to take way more pics. The year started off strong but we’ve tapered. Drastically. It makes me sad.

Second thing, which actually makes me less sad than our abhorrent picture taking habits as of late, is how big my little has grown over the year. She started off a baby and ended a kid.

Tumblr allows a max of 10 pics per post, so I had to pick my favorite 10. From the whole year! Well, I picked my favorite 80. Hmpfh. And I could tell you why each of these made the final Tumblr cut, but I won’t. I’ll let them stand on their own. Many to me almost feel outtake-y. But I love them all.

Looking at these pics you’d never know how much loss and upheaval 2013 served us. It’s almost only in retrospect that I can appreciate how hard of a year it actually was. It moved quickly - like most do at this age - but there are moments that I’m still living.

Looking at these pics though, I can also appreciate what a lovely life we do lead. A rough middle but we’re finishing strong. On to a beautiful 2014 for our soon-to-be family of four.

The final tally for today was boy 2, girl 1.

"Do you want to have a baby brother?"


"Do you want to have a baby sister?"


Given that it’s definitely one or the other, her 2014 is already shaping up to be everything she wants.

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