Monday, December 16, 2013

BKB update.

(Big kid bed)

It’s the cold war of parent-child battles. Only one of us will win. And the other will have their spirit squashed in bitter defeat.

(Please let me win. Please let me win.)

She’s upped the crazy. Her tactics are impossible to anticipate and difficult to counter.

She now takes all dirty clothes from her hamper and puts them in her bed. While it gives me the willies, fine, sleep in your filth pile.


She opens any drawers in her dressers she can reach and pulls out all the contents. And usually also puts them in her bed. Again, whatever.


She knew she had to up her game. She started dragging / pushing (??) the smaller dresser from the wall. Nite one she just moved it. It seemed so god damn crazy I just shook my head and moved it back.

In our parental defense, we did discuss securing it to the wall. But not before nite two of operation full-on-crazy when she tipped it full-on-over.

Touché tiny crazy person. Touché.


So the dresser is now secured to the wall and I stood watch in her doorway for an hour last nite while she “went to sleep”. She remained in bed but I had to do more big eyes and finger pointing towards the pillow than I would’ve hoped for.

As awful as this transition is proving, I really don’t want to ever forget it.

Tipping your dresser in protest is pretty bad ass. Someday when she understands it, I want to compliment her on it.

And someday when she has kids I want to laugh.

Cold wars aren’t a short game.

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