Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I’m traveling for business this week. It’s the bummer of bummers. I just plain miss my family.

Job’s fed me a few pictures to keep me going. (Ooh wee, that one with the cat up there had me in stitches! Her face!!) I requested a pic in which she looks more like she misses me. I’ve yet to receive it so I imagine she’d doing just fine.

But man I miss my family.

Right now I’m missing most how she sometimes locks me in her gaze, tilts her heads to one side, and says “Moh-mee” in the sweetest of her sweet voices. It’s a moment when I can tell she’s just really feeling her fondness for me.

And I am totally feeling my fondness for my best gal right now and sadly I’m totally feeling the distance too.

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