Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ah, LA. I liked it so much better than San Diego. Which came as a surprise.

What also came as a surprise was how much I LOVED the Getty Museum. I’ve spoke of this phenomenon before but every time I visit an art museum with Job I get a cold. Mid-museum stroll, somewhere between hours 4 and 36, I catch a cold. Not so with the Getty. It was Ge-awesome. First, the building and the setting are Ge-orgeous. Maxine and I super funned it up on the grounds whilst Job looked at 4,789,372 pictures of the Last Supper / Crucifixion / Madonna on the Rocks.

I can not say enough good things about the Getty. Did I mention it’s also free?!?!

And we discovered Maxine is super spooked by statues. It got so she could pick them out at like 100 paces. “

Santa Monica Pier was kind of whatever. But it was Maxine’s first $0.25 ride thingy that just kind of rocks/shakes. She wore the same stonefaced expression throughout the unexpectedly long ride but then freaked when it was time to walk away.



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